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Biorevitalization is a procedure for injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin to rejuvenate. To achieve the desired effect and eliminate possible side effects, it is very important to choose the right quality drugs for injection. One of the most popular biorevitalization drugs is Hyaron.

The South Korean drug Hyaron is a biorevitalizant based on purified sodium hyaluronate. The standard packaging of the hyaron is represented by a 2.5 ml syringe. Among the products for biorevitalization, Hyaron has one of the highest performance indicators.

Hyaron-based biorevitalization is especially effective due to its quality composition:

  •  Hyaluronic acid;
  •  Sodium hyaluronate;
  •  Sodium chloride;
  •  Sodium hydroxide;
  •  Excipients based on sodium and hydrochloric acid.

Hyaron is a clear gel with a viscous texture. Using a syringe, it is injected pointwise under the skin. It is also hypoallergenic and minimizes the appearance of complications after the procedure.

The use of Hyaron is indicated for age-related changes and pronounced signs of aging. However, it is effective in other cases:

  •  Loss of skin elasticity, low content of elastin and collagen;
  •  Epidermal dehydration, excessive dryness;
  •  Facial wrinkles;
  •  Pronounced age-related changes;
  •  The presence of age spots, scars and scars;
  •  Serious injury to the skin;
  •  Asymmetry of the face and its contours.

Hyaron is actively used to replenish vitamins in the epidermis. It is also effective in worsening the condition and colour of the skin, regardless of the causes of the problems.

Among the contraindications to the use of Hyaron gel are:

  •  The presence of allergies to the components of the drug;
  •  Age before 20 and after 65 years;
  •  Pregnancy and lactation;
  •  Diabetes mellitus and oncology;
  •  Serious skin diseases, fungus, psoriasis;
  •  Anemia or haemophilia;
  •  Inflammatory processes in the body;
  •  Autoimmune diseases;
  •  Herpes in the acute stage.

These prohibitions are relevant not only for the Hyaron drug, but also for the biorevitalization procedure itself, regardless of the method of the procedure.

Hyaron's biorevitalization procedure can be carried out in several ways, depending on the preferences of the client and the desired result. Hyaron gel administration is possible in two ways:

  •  Injection - a method that allows you to enter the drug pointwise in a strict amount to a certain depth through injections;
  •  Non-injection - a method based on the use of various drugs without damaging the skin.

The biorevitalization procedure takes about an hour, depending on the chosen method and area of conduct. Hyaron is mainly used to rejuvenate the skin of the face and décolleté.

The appearance of side effects after using the Hyaron preparation leads to non-compliance with the cosmetologist's instructions for caring for after the procedure and the presence of contraindications if the client is not aware of the specialist's problems.

Among the side effects may be observed:

  •  Pain in the area of injection;
  •  Tumors and hematomas, bruises;
  •  Redness and swelling;
  •  Rash and other allergic reactions.

If the skin is sensitive or prone to scarring, chipping and small scars may occur, and hematomas may occur at best.

When deciding on a biorevitalization procedure with Hyaron gel, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons of this drug. Among the advantages of using Hyaron are:

  •  Skin hydration;
  •  Increasing the elasticity of the epidermis;
  •  Elimination of signs of aging;
  •  Wrinkle smoothing;
  •  Pronounced anti-aging effect;
  •  Lack of a long recovery period;
  •  Hypoallergenicity of the drug;
  •  Bleaching of age spots;
  •  Improving blood circulation in the epidermis;
  •  Activation of metabolic processes;
  •  Skin restoration after burns;
  •  Saturation of cells with vitamins;
  •  High efficiency and guaranteed fast results.

Among the disadvantages of the drug can be noted its cost, possible side effects and the need for a long course. First, the client must take the initial course, and then the supporting one, which last:

  •  The first course - five to ten procedures with a break of ten days;
  •  The second cycle - one session every fifteen days (month) on an ongoing basis.

Thus, it is impossible to refuse procedures; biorevitalization will have to be maintained throughout life to continue to be young and beautiful. 

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